Beautynails Advance :
A wide range of products

3 in 1 UV Nail Lacquer

Base - Color- Gloss in only one bottle

The Monolack UV Nail Lacquer applies faster than a standard nail polish as it does not require any Base or Gloss coat. It cures in 2 minutes for a « high shine » colour and without leaving any sticky residue. Monolack keeps your nails in good shape, because it requires no filing of the natural nail plate. It dissolves in 2 minutes. 

Coloured UV Gels

Single-layer UV Gels, no stickiness

The GEL LAQUE Coloured UV Gels offer a maximum coverage and an extreme shine with only one layer, all without stickiness and without using any Finishing Gel.
Applied on the whole nail as “paint”colors, they are also perfect for artistic decorations or for One Stroke. They cure in 2mn30 under a UV Lamp and 2 mn under a LED Lamp. They are available in 28 colours.

Acrylic Paints

High quality acrylic paints

NITA GARCIA Acrylic Paints are made with high-end pigments for an exceptional covering power. The luminous and ultra-pigmented colours were specially designed for “one stroke” technique. They perfectly adhere to all surfaces and dry slowly and evenly with no traces of brush. They do not turn yellow.

UV Lacquer

A successful example of BNA’s expertise.

As the flagship of the BNA range, the Wonderlack Extrem permanent UV lacquers allow women to have beautifully lacquered nails for 15 days to 3 weeks with no flaking and no touch-up work required.
They are applied like a nail lacquer with no need to file the nail plate, respecting your natural nails from application to application. They are available in more than 120 shades.

Nail Lacquer

The ultimate top of the range lacquer

Genuine colour enhancers, these lacquers offer extremely high quality, maximum gloss and fast drying times. Their unique pigment-rich texture, their maximum adhesion and their easy “one stroke” application using a brush gives them all the characteristics you would expect of a top of the range lacquer. The collection is available in more than 120 shades (identical to those of the Wonderlack Extrem range).


High technology for maximum quality

The Ultimate Control range of UV gels is the most complete and offers the highest quality of all UV gels on the market.
Curved effects, the application of stilettos, the reconstruction of damaged or bitten nails, the density of these UV gels allows you to give free rein to your imagination with a guarantee of perfect results every time.

Nail care

Beauty treatments for your hands and feet

BNA has also extended its expertise to beauty care for hands and feet with a range of nail treatments and skin repair treatments (the Sensation Spa, Digital Perfect and BNA Nail Care ranges, etc.).

Decorations & Rhinestones

Creativity and fantasy

BNA proposes a complete range of decorations, Rhinestones, art liners and 3D UV gels for exciting raised Nail Art effects (the BNArtist and My Extrem Liner ranges, etc.).
Decorated for all occasions, your nails become a source of creativity and imagination.

Coloured UV Gels

An absolute "must" for colour lovers

Thanks to their easy covering, fluid and uniform texture, these richly shaded coloured UV gels allow you to lacquer built-on nails with an almost unbelievable ease of application.
Very glossy, they will not run or retract.