Our Brand

The Beautynails Advance Success Story

It was in England that Beautynails’ founder Dominique Torres discovered the profession of nail technician 35 years ago. Just in front of the famous Harrods department store in London, a small parlour proposed the application of artificial nails, a technique which fascinated her and encouraged her to learn more about the methods in use. Once trained, she returned to France where she opened her first nail parlour, becoming France's first nail technician in the process.

She quickly opened a second parlour but found that the products she was using fell short of her requirements. She consequently decided to create her own brand in 1987: Beautynails.
2013 : Changes to the brand's name and the design of the new BNA, Beautynails Advance logo.

The brand’s watchword: excellence

Over the space of 25 years, Beautynails Advance has earned a reputation for excellence in the fields of nail technology and manicuring. Dominique Torres is committed to proposing products which combine creativity and quality, with an outstanding range of services and techniques.

The brand is based on three key strengths :

  • The quality of its products,
  • Its top of the range image,
  • The services proposed (techniques, training, new products/services, etc.).

100% in-house management for flawless service

In order to guarantee the quality of its products and their distribution, Beautynails Advance has opted for continuous control of its operations, concentrating all of its activities in-house at its head office in Marseille, where all of the company's departments operate on a 4000 m2 site.

This complete in-house management system clearly displays the company's wish to remain in France and offers a constant guarantee of service quality, product inspection and compliance with deadlines.