Marketing & communication

  • Newsletters: BNA maintains ongoing contact with its partners and clients thanks to newsletters designed as communication tools meeting the needs of its clients.
  • Tutorial videos: Each product launch is accompanied by several tutorial videos broadcast on the Internet, to encourage and enable end-users to use the products.
  • Mainstream and trade press: the Marketing Department has developed a number of partnerships and press releases with the mainstream and trade press.
  • Open days: our Beautynails Advance Showrooms organise a number of special events several times a year to boost awareness of our products with demonstrations to encourage proximity with our clients and to build customer loyalty.
  • The and websites: provide access to the full catalogue, including presentations of new products, online sales, support for sales activities and campaigns, the presentation of training courses and financial help.
  • Beautynails Advance TV: a YouTube channel where viewers can watch presentations of techniques and usage methods for our products in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Facebook: more than 21,000 fans have subscribed to our page, a key communication channel to reach all clients and to effectively promote the brand.